Effective payroll processing

When you have employees or run a limited company where you are the only employee, the allowance must be paid as salary.

When wages are paid, tax must also be paid for having employees in the form of employer’s contribution.
The rate of Employer’s Tax depends on the municipality in which your business is located and can vary between 0 and 14.1% of the gross salary.

Salary driving

  • You send the salary basis, e.g. in the form of timetables for us or
  • You and your employees register the hours
  • You and your employees register the expenditure requirement for the business trip
  • We calculate the salary and send out the pay slips to you and your employees
  • We calculate holiday pay

Payroll follow-up

  • We report the A report to the Swedish Tax Agency
  • We submit wage statistics to Statistics Norway
  • We assist with claims for reimbursement of sickness benefits
  • We pay out wages and holiday pay and tax on behalf of your employees, and pay employer’s tax

You will receive updated salary information

  • You have a full overview of the labor costs
  • You can submit the salary figures to insurance companies as a basis for occupational injury insurance and defined contribution pensions


We assist with everything within payroll services such as payroll deliveries, income reporting to NAV, to insurance companies and pension providers.


We use Nettløn which is a cloud-based payroll system or payroll modules in the accounting systems.​​

We can do the payroll for you, so you can use the time to develop your business.