Invoicing is your opportunity to receive money for what you have done in your company, whether you have a cash register solution, modern web-based solutions, e.g. iZettle or Vipps, or if you send out an invoice.

Without receiving income, you have no opportunity to pay your expenses. But invoicing also requires follow-up in the form of registration of the payment (with an ocr-avatele where incoming payments are registered and booked automatically), reminders and collection. Here we use fully integrated solutions.


  • You invoice and send out the invoices yourself  or
  • You send the invoice basis to us and we invoice and send out the invoices

Invoice follow-up

  • You can sell your invoices, e.g. to Aprila Bank and get your money in within 24 hours
  • We register the payment of the invoiced amount (either manually or via OCR)
  • When your customers do not pay on time, we send reminders via Visma Financial Services
  • If payment is not made, we will send the claim to debt collection

You will receive updated invoice information

  • You have a full overview of open records
  • Everything is available in real time