You who are liable for accounting also have an obligation to prepare the tax return which forms the basis for calculating the tax you or your company must pay.

In addition, all joint-stock companies must submit their annual accounts to the accounting register, which publishes all annual accounts and keep a share register. These become available e.g. to the bank you apply for a loan and/or suppliers you deal with.

Stock book

  • You send an overview of
    • all our shareholders
    • who has sold and bought their shares during the year
    • who has granted loans to or received loans from the company
  • We register all information in the share register and submit the shareholder register statement

Annual accounts

  • We reconcile the entire balance through
    • account statements from the bank
    • account statements from your suppliers and customers
  • We calculate depreciation
  • We prepare the annual accounts with notes
  • We submit the annual accounts to the accounts register in Brønnøysund

Tax notice

  • Vi ordner med alle skatteskjemaene
  • Vi setter opp næringsoppgaven og skattemeldingen
  • Vi sender inn skattemeldingen, næringsoppgaven og alle øvrige skjemaer til Skatteetaten
  • Skatteoppkreveren beregner skatten din og/eller for selskapet ditt