We use web-based accounting systems. These are just as available to you as to us, and you are always in control of what we have done.

ECONOMY AS strives to automate as many processes as possible. These are the most effective and you will notice it in the form of lower prices.

Send the attachments

  • You choose whether you scan the documents yourself or whether you want to send us everything on paper
  • We file these in the accounting system and the papers can be shredded
  • You get a separate e-mail address for your document center which you can also give to your suppliers

We receive and keep the documents

  • We book continuously
  • We reconcile bank and other balance accounts
  • We document what we have done
  • We calculate VAT and submit the VAT statements to the Tax Authority
  • We pay open invoices and tax claims

You will receive updated accounting information

 and access reports and other useful information

  • You always have a full overview and you can issue reports yourself
  • You get access to an integrated CRM with an overview of orders, invoices and contracts
  • Better communication both with your customers/suppliers and with your accountant
  • You don’t have to keep everything on paper